How to Target Your SEO Campaigns to Your Local Market


Creating a targeted local SEO campaign is a good supplement to a company’s overall marketing strategy and is not overly difficult to do. The extra effort will prove worth it when your local business sees an uptick in neighborhood driven traffic. Highlighting the local aspect of your brand identity will also allow your company to stand out as a niche player. Here are a few things to keep in mind while formulating your local market SEO campaign:


Add local signifiers to your usual industry related keywords. Be sure to drill down deeper than your city or town name, and include neighborhood-level information. Utilize keywords that locals will use that are site-specific to your region. Use your street name if you are a retail location and if you are a service provider, use signifiers that are town specific and will instill confidence in your native knowledge.


Your keywords will draw visitors to your site, and engaging content will keep them there. Effective content will include a lot of local information, as well as why you are best situated to serve the needs of your community. Create content that highlights the local nature of your business. Explain why serving your community is important to you and how your products or services set you above and apart from the competition.


Approach other local businesses about setting up some type of link exchange for small businesses in the local area. Also be sure to have your contact information posted, and accurate, in all local directories. Small businesses do not have the reach and brand awareness as their corporate counterparts and must get creative and work together to leverage each other’s market presence. By sharing links and creating a locals only business group, you will multiply your efforts and see greater progress more quickly. The more local citations, the better.


Data analytics will show you what is working and what needs to be tweaked as your campaign unfolds. If your hits are not originating from your local area, it may be a good idea to take another look and retool the ones that you are currently using. Signs that your campaign is attracting the right kind of visitors is visitor engagement. Signs of a successful keyword initiative include extended time on the site and clicking through to other pages. Social media sharing, commenting, and liking are other indicators of the correct people finding your site.

Conversely, if there is a trend of visitors to the site with a high bounce rate, it can be a sign of incomplete information, stale content, or even bad, uninteresting posts. SEO will get you visitors, and content will keep them there.


Be patient while waiting for the results you desire from your local SEO initiative. Market penetration takes time, and while capturing a smaller market niche is less overwhelming than going after the entire net, it is still an intensive process that will not happen over night. Create a timeframe of desired outcomes, and measurable goal and their desired time to reach. Do not be afraid to change course if you are not seeing the results that you want, but make changes that are small redirects, rather than wholesale change-ups of the entire marketing plan. At the onset of the initiative, determine the length of time you are comfortable continuing before seeing results. Hang in there, make targeted adjustments as necessary, and keep at it!

Local SEO marketing campaigns are a great idea for all locally based, independent businesses. It makes sense to reach out to your community and build a strong customer base from those in your immediate area. By using a laser focused SEO campaign to target your local market, you will increase your traffic as well as boost your overall profile. Focus on what makes your business unique, and why you are an asset to your community, and you will expand your local reach. Keywords and SEO are the first steps of a successful, all-encompassing marketing plan that will get you the desired results.

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