Panda Update 4.2 – What You Need to Know


The latest update on the Panda algorithm of Google started unfolding last July 18, 2015, and in just a short while, the update was able to affect 2-3% of queries.  Google Panda 4.2 is a slowly unfolding Google ranking update and will take months before the whole process completely rolls out.  Prior to this, Google has already introduced two updates after the Panda 4.1.  The Mobilegeddon update, which prioritizes the more mobile friendly sites and the Phantom Update which focuses on the high-quality content of a site.

Websites that have been affected by the last Panda 4.1 update, now a chance to benefit on the latest update only if they did the necessary changes.  On the other hand, those that will be affected by the Panda 4.2 will have to wait for the next update to emerge once again on the Google ranking update.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to stop SEO Optimizations on your site if it has been affected by the latest update.  Who knows when Google will update their SEO?

The slow process of updating also means that it will be difficult to predict the changes in search rankings and site traffic.  Furthermore, it will be impossible to implement the necessary SEO optimization on your site.  It also means that the way Panda will punish a site or reward will remain a mystery.  But remember that the past Google ranking update always based this in one great factor, and that is quality content.

The 2-3% affected

You may ask, what seems to be the big deal if only 2-3% have been affected by the update.  The 2-3% affected search queries is equivalent to 36 million searches.  But it is still true that the affected percentage is significantly lower compared to the previous Google ranking update wherein 3-4% was affected last September 2014 and a total of 7.5% searches last May 2014.  The 2-3% search queries affected does not only include the percent of the sites that experience a noticeable drop in their traffic.  It also includes sites that benefited on Panda 4.2.

Google Panda 4.2

Technically speaking, the recent updates cannot be called an update but a refresh.  Google is just utilizing the same signals on the past Panda updates.  Unfortunately, for those who have been affected, it is too late to apply any changes to alter the effect of Panda 4.2.  They have to wait for the next Panda refresh and hope that their site will be rewarded.

So how long is the roll out of Panda 4.2?

When Google announce that the roll out will be implemented in the coming months, they did not clearly state how long the process will be.  It is not a surprise that Google is conducting a long roll out considering that it is not their first time to do that.  Hopefully, we will be getting some hints on how long this “coming months” is.



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