An Introduction to Google Analytics 360 – What Business Owners need to Know


Promoting your company and the goods or services that it offers used to be very simple. You used to have an idea of who your target audience was and how to spend your advertising dollars so that you were as visible and successful as possible. People were usually targeting a very specific audience that was also in most circumstances, a local audience.

Now that has changed. When the internet was first developed, businesses could reach a wider customer base but found it difficult to target the individuals that were more likely to be paying customers. Companies also wanted their websites to show up at the top of an individual’s search results.

Smart phones and Social Media are muddying the waters

Now, individuals are accessing the internet and its many resources using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. They are also using social media in order to access a company’s website. While this is fantastic it can also make it more difficult for a company to track an individual’s online activities and find out which aspects of their website or digital presence are the most successful at attracting paying customers.

Now, however, a new set of analytics tools are being developed that can help change all of that. It is called Google Analytics 360 Suite and it has a number of different features that will make it particularly interesting to business owners.

Why Traditional Analytics Tools Didn’t Always Work

There are a few reasons why traditional analytics tools didn’t work for businesses. One main one was that many were very cryptic and hard to understand. If you don’t know how to interpret your results, they are not overly helpful. They also tended not to work on multiple platforms.

Most current analytics tools also did not take into account the fact that the same customer may be accessing a website from a social networking platform or from a mobile device instead of from a computer.

How Google Analytics 360 Can Help your Business

There are a few main ways in which Google Analytics 360 is superior to the analytics tools of the past. It:

  • Is easy to use and to get meaningful reports and data from
  • Allows a company to see what complete route a customer took to find a website including what mobile devices or platforms they used to get there
  • It works with a number of Google technologies as well as 3rd party platforms so that marketing can be more effective and meaningful

It does this by combining six separate tools into one program. These tools are:

  • Google Audience Center 360 – This is in the beta stage and helps marketers gain a better understanding of who their customers are.
  • Google Optimize 360 – This program allows marketers to target the web experience they are providing to different clients.
  • Google Data Studio 360 – This is a new data analysis tool that helps translate numerical information about customers into interactive reports and dashboards. It allows real-time collaboration and sharing.
  • Google Tag Manager 360 – This program allows marketers to make decisions much more quickly. It allows users to increase their data accuracy and get their sites working as smoothly as possible.
  • Google Analytics 360 – This was known as GA Premium in the past. It integrates with ad programs and helps increase marketing effectiveness.
  • Google Attribution 360 – This was formerly known as Adometry. It helps marketers allocate their budgets effectively and get the best return on their advertising budgets.

As you can see, this new marketing and analytics suite should make it much easier for companies to market their websites more effectively.



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