How Geolocation Can It Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts?


You may have heard the term geolocation bandied about and wondered what is was all about. Maybe you have a vague understanding of what geolocation is and how it helps people stay connected through their devices. But just what does geolocation do and how can you incorporate it into your online marketing efforts?

When your car breaks down and you call for roadside assistance, the tow truck driver instantly knows where you are and rushes to help. That is geolocation. When you enter a store and suddenly find a money-saving coupon on your phone, that is geolocation. When your phone provides up to the minute warnings about severe weather heading your way, that is geolocation too. With all these benefits it is no wonder the vast majority of smartphone users are not only comfortable with geolocation services but happily use them and enjoy their many advantages.

Geolocation is obviously good for the users of mobile devices, but it is a godsend for smart digital marketers s well. The grocery store owner who sent out that coupon knows how valuable it is to send out that coupon, as does the umbrella seller who finds a storm coming and offers protection to the customer who just walked into his store.

It does not matter if your company operates in the physical world or the virtual one – geolocation services can be extremely vital, helping you turn browsers and website visitors into buyers. By tapping into those popular geolocation services, SEOs can target their customers and fine tune their messages like never before.

The possibilities are nearly endless. If you know that a smartphone user has just entered your town, you can target that individual with special offers to get her into your store. If you know that a website visitor lives near one of your distribution centers, you can target that visitor with a free shipping offer, making a sale more likely and possibly gaining a loyal customer for life.

One of the beauties of geolocation is that SEOs can make their targeting s broad or as specific as possible. If you want to target customers who live in your home country, you can do that. If you would rather focus on website visitors from your home state or those who live within 50 miles of a distribution center, you can do that as well.

Study after study has shown that segmenting your marketing lists and fine-tuning your marketing message is one of the best ways to improve your return on investment. Instead of wasting precious advertising dollars on customers who are too far away from your store, you can focus your efforts on the ones who are right next door.

No matter what business you are in or who your target customers are, geolocation should be an integral part of every marketing campaign. It is easier than ever to target potential customers based on their location, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of the nearly unlimited power of geolocation marketing.

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