E-Commerce Marketing Practices for the Upcoming Holiday Season


Many retailers commonly start their holiday season marketing campaigns sometime between September and November. What many businesses constantly miss is that consumer behavior changes rapidly without notice. In these cases, marketers must be attentive and follow the best promotional practices.

The concepts and practices of marketing help businesses identify their prime customers, people who are more likely to come shopping first when the holidays are approaching.

Many examples find that women are the first ones in the typical household to start their shopping. They are also 60% more likely to turn to online shopping methods so marketers may need to alter their marketing channels.

Businesses can also create special marketing messages for young males, who are generally last-minute shoppers. They are also likely to ignore all promotions and sales offers.

In this case, marketers can be smart to strategize their messages to make them easier and more comfortable to read rather than simply throwing around sales promotions.

In this era of technology, 56% of retail searching starts with mobile phones.

For marketers and businesses alike, mobile phones create new avenues to reach out to target audiences and develop appealing promotional messages.

Experts say that mobile gives users the freedom of making small shopping rounds throughout the year rather than going on one big trip for one season of the year.

Another recommendation is to launch your promotions and campaigns earlier in the year. This helps determine what consumers want and what offers receive the most favorable responses. In addition, this helps create awareness, brand equity, and an association with consumers.

The early campaigns can also act as a test to evaluate which promotions can be used once the shopping season arrives.

As marketing conditions change, businesses are responding by mixing up their formula. Some companies receive more traffic online in snowfall as people do not prefer going out.

They respond by spending more on campaigns and advertising during that particular season.

If your business has the technology, you can use analytical data to identify your peak season and schedule most relevant campaigns.

Online may be a great shopping platform, but it is hard to create impulse buying demand in this area.

You must design a marketing message that appeals to consumers.

In addition, be sure to accurately gauge consumer behavior, and offer products or services that respond to their needs.

E-Commerce has taken its flight and it is expected that new records will be made in sales. In order to benefit from this trend, your business must adapt and understand the consumer behavior.

You can then use this understanding to create a strategy that can be effective for the most active shopping season of the year.



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