How to Dominate Google through SEO in Five Affordable Ways


Organic traffic is the lifeblood of every website. Search Engine Optimization is the best source of organic traffic. SEO is something that every webmaster and content creator needs to think about. With new trends being introduced every year, it can be a challenge for up and coming websites to compete with their older, more established counterparts. Dominating the SEO charts takes time and a lot of effort. With that said, there are still some things you can do to improve your site’s SEO without spending too much. Here are some of those things.

Put More Emphasis On UX

User experience is a fundamental part of every website and it really doesn’t cost that much to improve. Good user experience results in people spending more time on your site, which results in more traffic. User experience begins before people arrive at your site.

Make sure that your site doesn’t contain any dead links. Your content should also be great for search engine crawlers and for users alike. Navigation should be simple and straightforward and most importantly, your pages should take almost no time to load. Get rid of unnecessary scripts, bloated plugins, and big images. Basic UX improvements can be done with little to no programming experience, and it’s something you can do without hiring a programmer.

Market Your Content On Trusted Websites

Google ranks sites based on the “opinions” of websites that they already trust. Simply put, the best way to get to the top of Google’s search rankings is by getting your content linked by already high-ranking websites. But doing this isn’t easy, especially if you’re obscure or just starting out. You’ll need to either create viral content or have your content provide an insane amount of value. An easy way to get around this issue is by marketing your content on sites that aggregate content like Reddit, Quora, or LinkedIn.

Google already trusts these sites for content. If you can make it to the front page of Reddit, for example, your site should experience a significant increase in traffic and authority.

Invest More Time in Written & Visual Content

Content is still king. Search engines will always focus more on content than they do on optimization, keywords, and general SEO. Your content should foremost pay attention to the needs of your audience. If your audience doesn’t find your content engaging, then search engines won’t pay attention to you. Monitor keywords and other analytics to find out what people are really looking for in your site. Come up with ways to expand the content you already have and invest in evergreen content.

Look at your site through the eyes of a reader rather than through a search engine. Visual content is also starting to play a prominent role in SEO. Make sure that each image on your site is equipped with relevant tags, keywords, and metadata. Take note of your image’s file size and make sure that they don’t get in the way of a page’s load speed.

Improve the Mobile Experience

Mobile devices have become one of the main sources of traffic. Make sure to cater to the mobile experience as much as you do for desktops. Take advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AWPs), a protocol that allows creators to create pages that almost instantly load on mobile devices. Google loves sites that take advantage of AWPs. Generally speaking, pages that load quicker will indirectly drive traffic to your site. AWPs are pretty straightforward to apply and won’t cost you too much to implement.

Trust the Power of Video

Video marketing is actually a great source of indirect traffic. Remember, Google owns YouTube. Host your video content on YouTube and link back to your site. If your video gets popular, you’ll receive not only a boost of attention on YouTube, but your site’s SEO will also improve. Video tutorials, reviews, and “top ten” videos are just some of the things you can make with a relatively small budget. Relevant videos help improve your site’s authority and drive traffic from services like YouTube or Vimeo.

Google relies on more than just raw SEO to rank websites. With that said, SEO still plays an important role in how your site gets noticed online. Take note of these methods and your site should be well on its way to getting the traffic it needs.

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