What Business Owners Need to Know about Accelerated Mobile Pages


If you want to make sure that your business’s web presence is truly effective, you need to make sure that it works well and works quickly, even on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. An increasing number of companies are creating mobile websites which compliment their full website (also sometimes called a “desktop” site). These can often be complex pieces of programming that feature videos, graphics or other elements that may take a while to load.

The problem that many companies make is that they do not fully understand how to create advertising that will work on a mobile site and end up with content that is too slow, too cumbersome and which may not load properly on the mobile devices that potential customers are using. This can be a problem. Experts have calculated that as many as 40 percent of users will simply click off of a site before it can load properly.

This ends up meaning that the SEO may not work as well as anticipated and businesses do not end up getting the same kind of return on their investment that they had anticipated. It can make online content marketing much more difficult to accomplish in a way that will bring a business the kind of increased revenue they are looking for.

In order to enjoy full search engine optimization and maximize the number of clients that your advertising can attract, it is important to use accelerated mobile pages (AMP) that make online content marketing effortless for customers to access even when they are on the move. The right AMP structure has to work across various different platforms since there may be many different systems which are accessing your website. If there are compatibility problems; it may mean that parts of a site are not visible to a user or that the entire site is inaccessible.

Another reason that some online content marketing can fail without AMP is that some users may end up employing ad blocking software. This means that pop ups or other forms of advertising are not visible. It also means that businesses do not have the chance to get revenue or optimize their web presence as they may be depending partially on the advertising in order to get people to visit their main website.

If you are seriously committed to creating a website or online content and advertising that will work well on mobile platforms as well as on desktop computers, you need to make sure that your web designer is well versed in AMP. When you see how well your site performs as a result, you will be pleased you did.



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