5 Essential Tools For SEO’s


There are many SEO tools out there, making it extremely important to pick the right ones. The creation of SEO tools has become somewhat of a cottage industry, and many marketing companies for small businesses are sustaining their livelihoods by being more selective on which tools they use. So which small business SEO tools are the most essential?

Google Analytics

A basic SEO tool you should already be using to optimize your website. If you haven’t started using Google Analytics, you need to set it up right away!

Google Analytics provides you with very effective data about your traffic sources and visitors. It allows you to monitor the ways in which users access your website, which pages they view, where they leave and all the sources that generate traffic to your site. It allows you to track conversions, view the best and worst performing pages and give you an insight on different opportunities.

Majestic SEO

If you are keen on link building as well as creating a sustainable, solid link portfolio, Majestic SEO will give you great information, a lot of which you won’t get from other sources. Backlinks, referring domains, lost links, anchor text, new links – you will get lots of data that won’t leave any room for surprises. It provides you with the ideal starting point to launch a link-building campaign, identify any opportunities you are missing and let you in on opportunities being missed by your competitors so you can gain an upper hand.

Screaming Frog

Due to the vast amount of data that you can access with the Screaming Frog spider tool, it should be viewed as indispensable to any individual or business examining the technical SEO of a website.

This tool provides you with the amount of data needed to perform a technical audit on a website in one place. The tool provides useful information such as server errors, duplicate content, meta robots tags, meta descriptions, canonical tags, title tags and lots more.


A fantastic tool for tracking a wide range of SEO metrics as well as to grade your SEO and analyze your website’s backlinks.

When it comes to SEO metrics, MozPro can be used to track your search traffic, top landing pages, keyword rankings and much more. The tool can also be used to track social media attention, mentions of your brand and engagement.


This SEO tools offers a detailed range of competitive analysis for organic and paid traffic. You can use the data it provides from other sources, but where it provides the most value is that it allows you look at your competitors. SEMRush allows you to analyze a website’s organic traffic patterns, the keywords it bids on and ranks for, keywords common with most competitors and how much website owners spend on advertising.

Whether you are a SEO company for small businesses, a marketing consultant or a site owner looking to promote their website, these tools can be very effective at helping you reach your objectives.



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