3 Social Media Tricks for Business Owners


Internet marketing and social media marketing are imperative for every business. It doesn’t matter how big or small a business is or what type of business it is. Business owners must invest in social media marketing for small business. Not all companies have the relevant manpower to work on their own internet marketing for small business. Thus, one has to consider hiring a marketing agency.

Creating social media profiles is easy, paying for online ads is simple enough if one wants to spend money and trying to have an online presence is not a big deal. Every business can accomplish these but the impact wouldn’t be the same. Business owners need to understand the basics of internet marketing and social media marketing for small business.

Here are three social media tricks for business owners.

  • Do not use your personal profile for professional purposes. Unless you are self employed or a professional in a certain niche, you have to keep a personal profile and you must maintain a professional or a company profile. Your audience on social media is not interested in what you have to say unless you are a celebrity or someone famous. Do not communicate your brand’s message on personal profiles. You can endorse your company profile and share the official posts but they must emanate from professional profiles. It is very easy to mix up personal and professional purposes on social media and that is where many go wrong. Keep your brand and your personal life separate, especially online.


  • Be present. Do not access your social media accounts once a week. There are many who do this. You don’t have to create profiles for the sake of it. That will be of no benefit. Unless you plan to engage with your audience, entice them with exciting content and you are open for interactions, stick to traditional marketing strategies.


  • Finally, don’t be self serving. Most companies, business owners and marketers harp so much on the business interests or agendas of a company that one forgets the real relevance of social media. The social media platforms are not meant for one-way communications. The reason why social media has become so powerful and relevant is because it empowers people. It allows people to speak, have their voices heard and it gives them access to those they want to stay connected to. If you keep focusing on what you have to say and do not care about your audience or following, then they would stop caring about you and will abandon you.


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