10 Best Search Engine Optimization Blogs You Must Follow


In the ever competitive world of SEO Marketing, it’s worthwhile to read up and stay updated with the latest related news and strategies, which you may equally find useful for your organization. Be sure to catch up on your onsite optimization reading and follow these top Search Engine Optimization blogs today:

  1. The Moz Blog

This blog does an exceptional job when it comes to keeping its ear on the ground, to come up with the latest news and analysis in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Search Engine Land

The publication provides thorough, updated coverage of anything and everything each practitioner must know about Search Engine Optimization and SEO Marketing.

  1. Search Engine Journal

This journal taps into the community of Onsite Optimization and SEO practitioners, giving its readers more of an insider’s approach when it comes to knowing the operational procedures, which work on specific campaigns.

  1. Search Engine Watch

Has practical tips on web searches, SEO Marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimization analysis.

  1. Kiss Metrics

Provides helpful information and tests on which Search Engine Optimization techniques would work for various scenarios.

  1. Hubspot

Includes savvy options of segmenting their daily news topics, based on the needs of their readers: Marketing, Sales and Agency updates.

  1. Quicksprout

Headed by Neil Patel, this includes tangible, tried and tested strategies, which Search Engine Optimization practitioners would find helpful.

  1. SEO Round Table

This provides helpful observations, based from the top discussed themes among forums within the SEO Marketing field.

  1. Matt Cuts Blog

Who wouldn’t want to get updates from Google’s very own software engineer, who was a former head of the engine’s Web Spam Team? His blog provides one of the nearest areas to gather the most updated information on Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Content Marketing Institute

This promotes content marketing as a viable source of organizational following, within the sphere of SEO Marketing.

By regularly reading these top blogs, you will have a much better perspective in carrying out your campaigns. Get well-rounded and start voraciously reading today.



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