Top Questions for Google My Business Answered


Understanding local search engine optimization is essential to the growth of your business. Knowing your way around Google My Business should be one of the first steps in your program. Here are some of the top questions for Google My Business asked and answered in a short FAQ.

Are Google Top Contributors Important?

Part of the reason that Google is such a valued resource is because of the knowledgeable volunteers who take the time to answer user questions. Google Top Contributors are product experts that monitor Google Product Forums. Google My Business has its own forum.

Although Top Contributors are volunteers, they are hand picked by Google and receive a great deal of support from the company. In many respects, Top Contributors are better to know than customer service employees – TCs have earned their position through merit alone and you know they want to be there. If you want to learn about Google quickly, these are the people to ask.

Is It Possible to Contact Google My Business Directly?

Google purposely makes direct contact a difficult undertaking, preferring to field questions among its Top Contributor volunteer corps. However, you do have direct lines of contact if you think that you are important enough for Google to take you seriously.

The phone number for Google My Business support is (844) 491-9665. You may also contact the company through its Twitter – @GoogleMyBiz. Do not expect an answer unless your company is a big ad buyer or you are extremely persistent with a relevant issue!

Can I Remove Fake Reviews from My Google My Business Listing?

Google actually wants its businesses to solicit reviews. However, this increases the potential of a negative review, which can be very difficult to remove. Google My Business does allow users to flag reviews. The review will stand unless there is a technical violation of Google’s review policies. Just because a review is negative does not mean that Google will recognize it as fake.

Where is the Best Information About Google My Business for the New Folks?

Before you sign up, you should look to the Google GMB Guide for tips to optimize your listing. Some of the tips may seem basic and obvious, but you might be surprised at how many companies overlook these steps and make the intermediate processes that much more difficult.

A Former Employee Had All My Google My Business Information. How Can I Get it Back?

In many cases, the employee who originally signs a company up for Google My Business will hold all of the relevant information – specifically, the email address used for signup. However, employee turnover does not have to mean the end of your Google My Business listing.

Google My Business allows a company to verify itself through other means or claim an old listing through a new account. Google implemented this to keep rival companies from claiming each other’s listings for sinister purposes.

The visibility that Google My Business offers its users is unparalleled in the online space. Make sure that you not only have a listing but that your listing is optimized to the best of your ability. The platform is always changing, so keep your ear to the street for new tips that will help you promote your business in an increasingly competitive environment.

Do not be afraid to ask for help when it comes to local SEO. The more precisely you try to market yourself online, the more difficult the process becomes. Professional help pays for itself very quickly once you get the visibility that you deserve.

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